CHRISTALIS, LLC is a strategic advisory firm. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, family offices/PE firms and international governments. Our mission is to assist and empower our clients to become change agents in their respective fields and create value for shareholders.

Transformative Innovation™


  • Strategy
    • Encompass holistic view of company's values and aims.
    • Market drivers to increase competitiveness.
    • Define focus and address allocation of resources.
  • Innovation/commercialization
    • Translation of research to market
    • Achieving sustainable innovation at scale
    • Connecting disparate technologies, people and industries for market growth
  • ESG/Impact Investing
  • Board Service
  • Operations
    • Organizational infrastructure
    • Corporate restructuring

Value Creation
Value creation is core to CHRISTALIS. We strive to meet each client's needs in achieving its aims in an ever changing global market and leveraging its technology to drive business innovation to create sustainable growth.

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